Construction Site Introduction

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In the video, Paul Ryder introduces the Deaf Village project at the construction site at Cabra. He also gives us the latest updates on the construction development at Deaf Village . Watch the video above for updates by Paul. Many thanks to Paul for taking time to provide these updates for us.

You can read the transcript of this video interview below:

“Hello, I am Paul Ryder. My role on this construction site is Resident Engineer. My general role is site inspector and to make sure that the job is done right and doing reports along with taking pictures of the site. ”

“Today – it’s just wow! Since visiting the site two weeks ago the progress is amazing with lots of jobs completed. If you’re looking at the foundation on the ground, this foundation supports the administration building where we will have the sports hall, offices and much more. Now the steel (metal) has been installed in the foundation. The builders will pour the concert over the foundation and cover the steel. It’s quite impressive because I didn’t expect to have it done so early. When the foundation phase is completed – different sub contractors will come and install columns. This will be happening during this week. You will be surprised when you see the columns finally up along with the foundation paths.”

“Now moving on to the demolition of the old building. Wow – what an historically emotional moment for the Deaf Community in Ireland. From there you will be able to see where they knocked down the old building from the start of the demolition. After I have spoke with the project manager. I asked how long it would take to complete the demolition of the old building? The project manager said approx two weeks from today. Very impressed with this time and the work speed.”

“Now moving on to the demolition – let me explain how it works? When the demolition machine knocked the building down, we had lots of materials such as stones, steel, woods and windows. They separated the materials for recycling. As you can see they crushed the stones into small bits – pointing out to the stone area. I am not quite sure where the rest of material will go but it’s somewhere in the construction site? That’s what happening now at the construction site. Bye.”