Week Three – The Deaf Village Project – Construction

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“Hello, my name is Ronan Dunne. I work for the Deaf Village project and manage and update their website and Facebook.”

“This is the third week of demolition – 50% demolition of the building. As you know the front stairs entrance to the school building have now gone. The damaged materials will be recycled and used to fill in the foundation for the new building.”

“This area will be a sports hall and it’s progressing with the putting up of the columns along with foundation – pointing out the columns”

“As you can see this is the area where the swimming pools will be built. As you can see from the depth of the swimming pool it will be a massive swimming pool. This will include a floor movement system to control the height and depths of pool. Also at the end of swimming pool, there will be a children swimming pool. Progress on building the swimming pool is good.”

“If you seen the beam over there. This used be to support the root of the old building. Also there are old doors from the classrooms, different materials and joints were put there.”

“Hello. My name is Paul Ryder and I am currently working here. Now I am going to explain how the foundation works. You can see that the pad and slurp are both connected. First the construction workers dig paths for the building using the right measures and depth of holes. They then put the lenex in and leave it to dry. Once it’s dried they install the reinforcement holes. Everything is checked out before pouring the concrete into the holes. When the concrete is dried and becomes solid, then the columns are put up.”