Deaf Village Ireland’s Official Opening Launch

Monday, March 4, 2013

On Monday the 4th of March 2013, Deaf Village Ireland was officially opened by Minister Leo Varadkar, from the Department of Tourism, Sport and Transport. We had been planning an official opening since August 2012. It was absolutely worth the wait! There was an unbelievable atmosphere around the Deaf Village on the day of the launch. The Minister Varadkar was taken on a tour of the village buildings, the Administration section and the Thomas Mahon building at Deaf Village Ireland.

During the tour, Minister Varadkar learned some basic Irish Sign Language, allowing him to sign his name. During this tour the antrim was full of guests. These guests included pupils of the schools of the Deaf, various members of organizations within the Deaf community, friends of the Deaf Community and many more.

The manager of Deaf Village Ireland, Sylvia Nolan started events with her opening speech. During her speech she introduced the vice chairperson of Deaf Village Ireland, Caroline McGrotty who also delivered a speech. You can view Caroline’s full speech which she delivered at the launch here. Also Kevin Lynch, the Chairperson of Inspire Fitness Centre Cabra also delivered a speech. You can view Kevin’s full speech here. Before Minister Varadkar delivered his speech, he finger spelt his first name for the audience what he had learnt during his tour of Deaf Village Ireland.

Deaf Village Ireland's Official Launch - 4th of March 2013

Different events took place throughout the day. Presentations were made by various organizations about the various activities happening at Deaf Village Ireland.

During the evening traditional Irish music was played along with our professional Irish Deaf dancers who had the crowd up dancing all night. The atmosphere was electric. Everyone enjoyed their buffet and celli. Some Deaf people travelled long distances to join in on this historical day.

Deaf Village Ireland - Official Launch - 4th of March 2013

It was estimated that 600 people joined in celebrating the launch of Deaf Village Ireland. The Board of Management and members of Staff would like to sincerely thank all who came to join with them in celebrating our special day!