Deaf Village Ireland Board Directors with Sylvia Nolan - manager of Deaf Village ireland

Fantastic News for Deaf Village Ireland

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sylvia Nolan - Manager of Deaf Village IrelandThe board at Deaf Village Ireland is pleased to announce that our current manager, Sylvia Nolan will be staying with us in her role as manager of Deaf Village Ireland for another year. We are delighted with the news as is all the Deaf community in Ireland. She has done a fantastic job in the management and running of Deaf Village Ireland.

During the first year there were lots of teething problems with the new system along with big changes for the Deaf community. She along with a great team managed everything to ensure that everything ran smoothly and kept everyone pleased at Deaf Village Ireland. She enjoyed working with the Deaf Community over the last year.

Sylvia and her team did a lot of work around the organizing of the official launch (You can find the official launch statement here) in conjunction with 12 organizations in Deaf Village Ireland. Everyone got involved to ensure that the event would be very successful for the Deaf community. It is part of her overall aim as the manager of Deaf Village Ireland to gather all Deaf people, to come together to celebrate Deaf culture, sociability and making Deaf Village Ireland a warm place to meet and gather.

She is actually looking forward to working for another year with the Deaf community within Deaf Village Ireland and hopes next year will be even better for everybody!

You can drop her a mail with your feedback on how to improve any matter or any suggestions to make it better for everybody in Deaf Village Ireland – the manager, Sylvia is always looking for feedback. Her email address is You can include your feedback and send it to her. Otherwise you can fill in the form on our contact page by clicking the link here.