Press Release for the Deaf Community- New Project Manager

15th February 2021

Deaf Village Ireland is excited to declare that they will be recruiting a new Project Manager for six months to help us research and develop a business plan for the ongoing running of “THE HUB” café in Deaf Village Ireland.

This Project Manager will help us inform whether we will hire a café Manger to manage the Hub or if we will outsource this to a company. It is paramount that the Project Manager is in alignment with the ethos of Deaf Village Ireland, making it a welcoming place for Deaf and hearing people.

We are looking forward to embracing this new project, taking into consideration of all the Deaf groups that use the HUB for events. The Hub is a crucial center for Deaf and Hearing people. In order to transform the HUB, Deaf Village Ireland have ring fenced a budget to contribute to this project. We will focus on the interior design decoration of the HUB with its beautiful garden graphical visualization making it a vibrant attractive place for Deaf and the local community at large.

We have set up a committee with Deaf and Hearing members to help guide and share ideas that will make The Hub a Deaf friendly place and to be able to serve the best Coffee in Cabra!

We hope that this new HUB Project will be up and running when we return to normality after the pandemic. The Deaf community can come back and look forward to this venture here in Deaf Village Ireland.

We believe in working with the needs of the Deaf Community and appreciate any support from the Deaf Community in making The Hub the best place to meet up with their friends!