Our Mission Statement

Deaf Village Ireland will embody the Vision and Mission statements by adopting the following values in their everyday operations within the Deaf Village.

  • Recognise and encourage the use of Irish Sign Language.
  • Respect the different ethos’s and abilities in the community.
  • Maintain the spirit of co-operation with all organisations.
  • Empower, Educate and show living example of Deaf Awareness.
  • Share knowledge and skills to empower Deaf and Hearing people.
  • Create and maintain a warm welcoming place for all.
  • To work in a sustainable manner.
  • Respect all people in accordance to the Equality Status Act

To develop and promote:

  • A working model promoting cross organisational co-operation building trust and respect.
  • A welcoming meeting place / environment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, their families to participate, learn and share experiences
  • A social hub for the Deaf community providing a range of social activities to enable Deaf people to feel a sense of belonging.
  • An inclusive sports centre providing a range of sport facilities involving Deaf and Hearing communities.
  • Provision of social, advisory, information and pastoral care services delivered by several organisation resident in the Centre.
  • A positive learning environment for Hearing people to develop awareness, understand Deaf culture and sign language skills
  • A Deaf Heritage centre promoting Deaf culture and history
  • A Life long learning educational centre enabling Deaf people to fulfil their potential..
  • A participation programme for Deaf children enabling them to fulfil their own potential.
  • A centre of Deaf education in partnership with Deaf Hear, Irish Deaf Society, Schools for the Deaf, Trinity College and Catholic Institute for Deaf People.